The RAT Model

RAT – Replacement, Amplification, Transformation – is a framework for technology integration. Using the framework allows the educator to be sure they are making the best use of technology in the classroom. The educator moves from using technological tools as a mere substitute for an analog activity toward creating an end product that is radically different.

The goal of using the RAT Model is to ensure that technology is not being used just for the sake of using it. If the technology tools should make work easier for both the student and the teacher. This happens at the Amplification stage, though the ultimate goal should be to move beyond the scope of the original task and Transform the activity into something that would not have previously been possible.

In practice, this could be something like turning a hand written short story into a typed one (Replacement), then using Google Docs to share the story with classmates for editing and comments (Amplification). Finally, the activity can be wholly Transformed by allowing students to use iMovie to animate their stories and share them with pen pals from a classroom in another country.

Assessing Technology Integration

The RAT, SAMr, Transformative Technology, & Occam’s Razor – This post mentions SAMr, which is an alternate transformative model. Although it seems to be more popular, I find it much more complex. You can learn more about it here:

A SAMR deep dive: Deconstructing SAMR with examples


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