STEM in Real Life

"When will I ever need to know this?" No doubt you've heard this countless times from students who don't want to do the work. Well, over on the We are Teachers website, Elizabeth Mulvahill has compiled a list of snappy answers. The list, a delightful mix of silly and informative responses, is good for a… Continue reading STEM in Real Life


STEAM Scholarships

Head on over to We Are Teachers for a list of STEAM related scholarship opportunities for minority students.

ClassDojo Messenger and Facebook Groups as School-wide Communication Tools

Effective communication is likely one of the most important, yet challenging aspects of education at the K-12 level (Knutson, 2016). Learner autonomy is developed when students know exactly what is expected of them and when. Trust between parents and the school is bolstered by a solid communication plan. Naturally, face to face conversations between parents… Continue reading ClassDojo Messenger and Facebook Groups as School-wide Communication Tools

Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a tool designed to categorize educational goals (Armstrong, n.d.). In recent years, the taxonomy has been revamped to include the digital tools available to meet each category’s goals. Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy is a valuable resource when matching activities to educational assessment needs. The pyramid can be used in conjunction with a variety… Continue reading Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

ISTE Standards

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) offers standards that help guide students and school officials as they navigate classroom technology. The standards have gained acceptance and popularity in the last several years and have even been adopted worldwide. Just as the Common Core State Standards provide a framework for aligning curriculum to ELA… Continue reading ISTE Standards